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Some orders created when creating a list of orders) 10001 500 SYS_ERROR Malformed request, (E.g. not using application/json for Binance REST) 10002 401 UNAUTHORIZED Not authenticated, or key/signature incorrect 10003 401 IP_ILLEGAL IP address not whitelisted 10004 400 BAD_REQUEST Missing required fields 10005 401 USER_TIER_INVALID Disallowed based on user tier 10006 429 TOO_MANY_REQUESTS Requests have exceeded rate limits 10007 400 INVALID_NONCE Nonce value differs by more than 30 seconds from server 10008 400 METHOD_NOT_FOUND Invalid method specified 10009 400 INVALID_DATE_RANGE Invalid date range 10010 200 FAIL Batch request processed successfully but all requests failed (E.g. Please try again later. 40002 400 MG_TRANSFER_ACTIVE_LOAN Transfer has failed due to holding an active loan. Please try again later. 40007 400 MG_BLOCKED_NEW_ORDER Placing new order has been suspended. Code HTTP Status Message Code Description 0 200 -- Success 10000 200 PARTIAL_SUCCESS Batch request processed successfully and some requests succeeded (E.g. 40003 400 MG_INVALID_LOAN_CURRENCY Currency is not same as loan currency of active loan 40004 400 MG_INVALID_REPAY_AMOUNT Only supporting full repayment of all margin loans 40005 400 MG_NO_ACTIVE_LOAN No active loan 40006 400 MG_BLOCKED_BORROW Borrow has been suspended. 50001 400 DW_CREDIT_LINE_NOT_MAINTAINED Please ensure your credit line is maintained and try again later. 5000008 400 SYSTEM_BUSY System is currently busy, please try later. Please try again later. No orders created when creating a list of orders) 20001 400 DUPLICATE_RECORD Duplicated record 20002 400 NEGATIVE_BALANCE Insufficient balance 30003 400 SYMBOL_NOT_FOUND Invalid instrument_name specified 30004 400 SIDE_NOT_SUPPORTED Invalid side specified 30005 400 ORDERTYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED Invalid type specified 30006 400 MIN_PRICE_VIOLATED Price is lower than the minimum 30007 400 MAX_PRICE_VIOLATED Price is higher than the maximum 30008 400 MIN_QUANTITY_VIOLATED Quantity is lower than the minimum 30009 400 MAX_QUANTITY_VIOLATED Quantity is higher than the maximum 30010 400 MISSING_ARGUMENT Required argument is blank or missing 30013 400 INVALID_PRICE_PRECISION Too many decimal places for bitcoin Price 30014 400 INVALID_QUANTITY_PRECISION Too many decimal places for Quantity 30016 400 MIN_NOTIONAL_VIOLATED The notional amount is less than the minimum 30017 400 MAX_NOTIONAL_VIOLATED The notional amount exceeds the maximum 30023 400 MIN_AMOUNT_VIOLATED Amount is lower than the minimum 30024 400 MAX_AMOUNT_VIOLATED Amount is higher than the maximum 30025 400 AMOUNT_PRECISION_OVERFLOW Amount precision exceeds the maximum 40001 400 MG_INVALID_ACCOUNT_STATUS Operation has failed due to your account's status. Please repay your loan and try again later. 5000012 400 CURRENCY_CLOSED Currency is closed 5000013 400 BAD_PARAMETER Bad parameter(s) 5000808 403 WITHDRAWAL_FORBIDDEN_ TEMPORARILY_UNAVAILABLE Withdrawal temporarily unavailable.

This event has been marked as the "first crypto bank run" in history and had a catastrophic impact on Terra’s LUNA price, which crashed from almost $100 to the current levels below $0.0002 in the span of a couple weeks. Algorithmic stablecoin TerraUSD (UST) witnessed a colossal crash more than a week ago, losing its $1 peg, with Terraform Labs’ tokens LUNA and UST lost a combined market value of $39.1 billion within a week.

We often hear from naysayers that Bitcoin has no intrinsic value because it’s simply software, a hodgepodge of digital bits and bytes that only exist in the ether of the Internet. Debunking the myth of "intrinsic value".

Since Amazon has banned paid reviews, the best way to find review opportunities is through Facebook. There are Facebook groups dedicated to sellers looking for customers to write reviews in exchange for payment or free products, and you might even be targeted for these opportunities through Facebook ads you see on your feed. Remember, however, that Amazon could suspend your account if they realize you are writing paid reviews.

As most people behind multilevel marketing schemes will tell you, they are not pyramid schemes. Pyramid-scheme adjacent, sure, but technically not pyramid schemes. Not only do those people sell the products, but they also recruit their own team of salespeople and collect a cut of the commissions from anyone they bring on. Multilevel marketing is the system made famous by companies like Herbalife. In this system, a company relies heavily on a salesforce working entirely on commission.

The core idea of dapp revolves around the representation of players/athletes as Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs). CricTez is a non-fungible token-based fantasy sports dapp, primarily focused on cricket (refer to the last section for more info on cricket).

Make your perfect bagBTC_USDT, ETH_CRO, crypto etc. Name Type Description i number Instrument Name, e.g. b number The current best bid price, null if there aren't any bids k number The current best ask price, null if there aren't any asks a number The price of the latest trade, null if there weren't any trades t number Timestamp of the data v number The total 24h traded volume h number Price of the 24h highest trade l number Price of the 24h lowest trade, null if there weren't any trades c number 24-hour price change, null if there weren't any trades.Atletico PR (BRA) vs Ceará (CE) - Brasileirão Feminino Binance A-2

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