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Binance Review.
Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by trading volume. In fact, it tops the ranks of cryptocurrency exchanges maintained by CoinMarketCap, which are ranked based on 24-hour trading volumes, exchange score and average liquidity. Binance triumphs over exchanges like Huobi Global and Coinbase, which follow closely in 2nd and 3rd places, respectively.
Previously based in Malta, krekls pret binance the Binance Group is now based in the Cayman Islands. Binance has several locations and entities registered across the globe. In the United States, it’s known as Binance.US . The exchange in the U.S. uses the same cutting-edge technology and trading services as its global counterparts with the difference being U.S. regulatory compliance. It is operated by San Francisco-based BAM Trading Services.
wanda ya fara binance.US ranks 9th on CoinMarketCap’s list of the top 10 exchanges based on metrics like 24-hour trading volume, exchange score and average liquidity. Binance could be a good platform for you to invest in cryptocurrencies if you are a U.S.-based trader who trades frequently, doesn’t intend to pay high trading fees and needs access to a large number of cryptocurrencies.
Best For.
US Citizens Frequent day traders Users interested in Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Binance Coin (BNB)
Low trading fees Easy-to-use platform Wide selection of altcoins — it offers 51 cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin (BTC) Good customer service High liquidity because of large trading volumes.
Only residents of 43 states in the U.S. can trade on Binance.US. You cannot trade on this platform in New York, Connecticut, Hawaii, รายชื่อใหม่ binance Texas, Vermont, Idaho and Louisiana Despite the wide selection of altcoins, the number of tokens offered on the U.S. platform is not comparable to the hundreds of choices available on the Binance global platform There is no option for kajian binance crypto telephonic customer support.
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Binance Pricing Binance Ease of Use Binance Education Binance Customer Support Binance Crypto Offerings Binance Overall.
Binance Pricing.
Considering Binance as your cryptocurrency exchange of choice? Binance offers many unique services, but its U.S based exchange, Binance.US, is greatly limited compared to its global counterpart. One great aspect of Binance is that the exchange has lower fees compared to its prime U.S. competitors such as Coinbase.
The spot trading fee is 0.1%, and the instant buy/sell fee is 0.5%. Because BNB is the native token of the Binance ecosystem, the platform incentivizes you to hold BNB and pay trading fees in BNB. If you choose to use BNB to pay fees, you’ll receive a 25% discount. The minimum account balance is $10 with wire transfers. ACH deposits and debit cards are the most common payment methods used for converting fiat currency to crypto.
The platform assigns you a trading fee level categorized into different VIP levels depending on your 30-day trading volume and the number of BNB tokens in your account as shown below:
However, the withdrawal limits are decided by the degree of verification you complete on the platform.
Up to $5,000 every day after basic verification is complete Up to $1 million every day after advance verification is complete Up to $5,000 with ACH or $10 million wired after fiat account is verified.
A breakdown of the deposit and withdrawal fees in fiat currency (USD) is shown below:
The platform also has a set of trading rules that apply to various trading pairs with U.S. dollar (USD), tether (USDT) and BUSD, Binance’s own USD-pegged stablecoin, which define the minimum order size and maximum market order amount for each of these pairs.
The referral program allows you to earn up to 20% of the fee on each of your referral’s trades, and this percentage goes up to 40% if you hold 500 BNB or more in your Binance account.
Binance Ease of Use.
Binance is one of the most easy-to-use, transparent and convenient cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The Binance.US desktop and web apps are similar to the global website, but it doesn’t offer all of the features of the global exchange, as crypto regulation in the U.S restricts certain features and offerings. Here are the top 3 features that make Binance.US an easy-to-use platform for both novice and experienced traders:
Quick and easy onboarding: The platform enables a quick onboarding process that allows you to sign up and binance t-särk buy crypto in less than 10 minutes. There is a basic sliding verification used while signing up to ensure you are not a robot or a computing system trying to register. Security: While onboarding, the platform asks you to verify the email ID you entered while signing up. This verification requires you to enter a code you receive through your email to ensure there are no accidental signups with your email ID. You then complete the basic verification, which includes entering your U.S.-registered cellphone number on which you receive another verification code. This enables your 2-factor authentication (2FA) that you need to log in to your account. This process ensures your account is well secured and can only be accessed by you. Visibility and access: The platform has different levels of trading screens available to investors looking for various levels of service. These are listed under the "Trade" section of the website as Markets, Basic, Advanced and Over-the-Counter (OTC), which appear as a drop-down while hovering on the Trade section.
The "Markets" section provides a holistic look at the entire range of trading pairs and prices that the platform offers. These are segregated into sections that show the trading pair against that particular currency. There are USD markets, BTC markets and USD Stablecoin markets.
The Basic section is designed for novice users who don’t want or need access to extensive technical analysis to make their investment decisions. Thus, this section has a basic chart for each trading pair you choose and enables you to buy or sell crypto and even set stop limits for both these types of transactions.
The Advanced section is designed for experienced traders looking to do a certain level of technical analysis before making their decision so the platform provides them with an advanced trading screen that enables that and allows them to place orders simultaneously.
The OTC section allows you to trade over the counter peer to peer which other OTC users at a price you can define. Institutional investors can use this section to minimize the impact of large volumes in the market.
Binance Education.
Binance.US also educates its users about its platform and the cryptocurrency markets in general under the Blog section of its website.
Binance.US educates users with articles like How to Trade on Binance.US, which is a step-by-step guide describing how you can purchase and trade crypto on the platform and highlighting all the important dos and don’ts using the BNB-BTC as an example.
This method can be replicated for any other trading pair available on the platform. Similar guides posted on the platform help users understand the offering and the nuances of trading on the platform. These can be used both by novices and by experienced traders to understand the ins and outs of the trading platform.
In addition to educating the consumer about Binance’s trading platform, the Resource section provides insights for novice cryptocurrency investors that highlights and ਬਾਇਨੈਂਸ ਰੀਵਿ a ਆਸਟਰੇਲੀਆ ਰੈਡਿਟ explains the important subjects at hand. Binance currently has a set of 46 articles that educate investors on various aspects of the financial markets. It is also important to note these educational articles are not limited to cryptocurrencies; they also offer insights into the trading domain as a whole. A few examples of the articles listed under the Blog section of the website are:
Bitcoin versus Ethereum What are Stablecoins?

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