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12 Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2022.
We provide a roundup of 12 new cryptocurrency to invest in that have the potential to scale for mass adoption in financial markets, but also other areas of the economy, from cloud computing to content delivery networks.
In our survey we will resist the temptation to take an adversarial approach, where crypto’s gain is taken to be the current incumbents’ loss. We don’t believe that is how things will develop. Indeed, many of today’s leading SaaS companies are likely to be leaders in adopting aspects of blockchain technology.
To have the best shout at gaining exposure to the best the crypto sector has to offer, it is probably necessary to diversify across the asset class’s various sub sectors, which is what we have tried to do with our nifty dozen picks.
We have picked 12 cryptocurrency with the technology, adoption progress, execution and product marketing prowess to deliver on the promise of blockchain as a disruptor and disintermediator that could change the face of the SaaS space in innovaticve and profitable ways.
As with all definitions, competing ones can bleed into each other, but we have grouped our token selections into the following four business sectors, with three crypto in each:
Table of Contents.
Here’s our 12 Best New Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2022.
Before you get started, you might also want to read our Best Bitcoin Brokers in the UK guide for a breakdown of the most popular places to buy cryptos in 2022.
Web 3.0 cryptocurrency for 2022.
1. Lucky Block – transforming lotteries with blockchain tech.
Lucky Block is a new lottery platform that aims to revolutionise the $330 billion global industry by solving, among other things, the lack of transparency and trust in current lottery products. Breaking the grip of the centralised lottery operators by applying the power of ‘Web 3.0’ decentralised networks is how Lucky Block plans to succeed.
With Lucky Block, winners are not just randomly generated in a verified manner but players will be able to vote on where charitable donations go – with all transactions visible on the public blockchain.
In addition, the cost savings that accrue from running lottery draws on a blockchain are the basis for better odds for ticket buyers. The benefits don’t end there. Lucky Block, which launches on 21 March when the desktop app is scheduled to be available, also pays a token distribution to every token holder. Ten per cent of every jackpot goes to token holders.
Then there is the added allure of the 12% transaction fee on sales of the native token of the platform, LBLOCK, which acts to incentivise long-term investment as opposed to purely speculative trading so common in crypto hitherto.
Lucky Block’s mission is nothing less than the replacement – or supplementing – of national lotteries with a truly global system open to all. There’s all to play for, so to speak. Lucky Block is also the best crypto under $1.
Data in table below is from decentralised exchange PancakeSwap. We have included volume data from centralised exchange LBank, where LBLOCK also trades.
">LuckyBlock (LBlock/WBNB) ">Price: ">$ 0.002926 ">Volume 24 hour: " data-sheets-numberformat="">$2,347,239.79 ">Holders: " data-sheets-numberformat="">44,499 ">Transactions: " data-sheets-numberformat="">493,833 ">Pooled LBlock: " data-sheets-numberformat="">1.08 billion ">Pooled WBNB: " data-sheets-numberformat="">8,698.22 ">Total liquidity: " data-sheets-numberformat="">$6,328,489.46 ">Diluted Market CAP: " data-sheets-numberformat="">$292 million.
Table data correct as at 15 March 2022.
Launch partners.
The Manc Group Finixio.
Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.
2. Tron Network (TRX) – multi-faceted dapp platform.
As one of the best staking coins out there, TRON is a multi-faceted decentralised application platform operating with a delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism.
Tron was founded by Justin Sun who has become one of the best known characters in crypto. In 2018 Tron made the audacious move of acquiring BitTorrent, the peer to peer file sharing network. As a direct result of that purchase the BitTorrent Token (BTT) was launched soon after.
Tron momentum has slowed from a couple of years ago, but it is still one of the most active blockchains.
For more details read our how to buy Tron guide. You might also be interested in our buy Zcash article as well.
">RETURN ON INVESTMENT (USD – %) ">24H ">5.54 ">7D " data-sheets-formula="=+3.92">-13.02 ">1M ">12.61 ">3M ">-54.77 ">1Y " data-sheets-formula="=+35.52">-13.12.
Institutional investors.
SEED venture Capital.
Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.
Metaverse and NFT cryptocurrency for 2022.
3. The Sandbox (SAND) – metaverse and gaming digital asset monetisation platform.
The Sandbox platform is an ecosystem where gamers can create, own, and monetise their activities wit the help of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and its utility token $SAND. NFTs are in effect a digital certificate of ownership.
Players can use NFTs to assign verifiable ownership to their digital assets integrate into games and trade on marketplaces. The Sandbox provides tools such as the Game Maker to enable player engagement.
Also, The Sandbox virtual world – or metaverse – is comprised of digital lots of real estate bought with LAND tokens, where players can become digital property developers and interact.
Companies such as Facebook owner Meta are betting big on the metaverse as the next iteration of the internet, where people will work, play, socialise and shop, so there will be money to be made.
An unknown buyer recently paid $450,000 for a patch of virtual land next to rapper and businessman Snoop Dogg’s Sandbox ‘residence’.
The Sandbox is an excellent new cryptocurrency to buy.
">RETURN ON INVESTMENT (USD – %) ">24H ">4.69 ">7D " data-sheets-formula="=+29.2">-16.71 ">1M ">11.56 ">3M " data-sheets-formula="=+47.06">-37.44 ">1Y " data-sheets-formula="=+4018.05">943.06.
Institutional investors.
Binance Labs HASHED True Global Ventures.
Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.
4. Filecoin (FIL) – distributed file transfer and storage.
Filecoin is a relatively new cryptocurrency to invest buy for exposure to distributed data storage network that seeks to turn unused data storage into a business resource, where those with excess capacity are able to sell it users seeking greater capacity.
Exchange takes place in an automated algorithmically driven marketplace.
The network is built on top a protocol known as InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), acting as both a layer to incentivise participation in the network and provide security in addition to its peer-to-peer sharing of storage.
Protocol Labs is the company behind Filecoin.
">RETURN ON INVESTMENT (USD – %) ">24H " data-sheets-formula="=+0.76">0.48 ">7D " data-sheets-formula="=+9.85">-1.91 ">1M ">6.88 ">3M ">-60.73 ">1Y ">-54.55.
Institutional investors.
Ausum Ventures Blockchain Capital BlueYard Capital Boost VC Coefficient Ventures Continue Capital Digital Currency Group Galaxy Digital Kosmos Capital Nirvana Capital Notation Capital Pantera Capital Placeholder VC Y Combinator nawawala ang pagtatasa ng binance p & l a16z Crypto zk Capital.
Cryptoassets are a highly binance pili mai aso volatile unregulated investment product.
5. Enjin (ENJ) – gaming community platform, بررسی بایننس virtual goods marketplace.
Enjin Coin is another game-focused metaverse product from the crypto world, بائننس م this time focused on making its token the go-to digital asset for l'avenir dubinanceコイン in-game items. Enjin aim is to become the "largest gaming community platform online" and ਬਾਇਨੈਂਸ ਜਰਸੀ ਕਾਨੂੰਨੀ ਹੈ already boasts the involvement of 250,000 gaming communities with a total of 18.

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